First 12 Cosmonauts Bios, Photos & Signatures
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Gherman Stepanovich Titov


Born: 11 September 1935 at Verhneye Zhilino
Parents: Stepan Pavlovich & Alexandra Pavlovna
Call sign: Eagle
Flight: Vostok 2, 6 August 1961
Flight time: 1:01:18
Family: Married Tamara Vasilyevna. One son, Igor. Two daughters, Tatyana & Galina
Rank: Lieutenant-General
Died: 20 September 2000



Titov was selected to join the cosmonaut team in 1960. He set a new record by spending 15 days in the isolation chamber. His first assignment was as back-up to Gagarin.
Titov's only flight was in Vostok 2, launched on 6 August 1961. During the flight he experienced nausea from space sickness. He had manual control of the space craft. At age 26 he was the youngest man to go into space.
After his flight, Titov served on the Council of the Supreme Soviet.
He was found dead on 20 September 2000 in a sauna.